Westover Green

Westover is known as the "Green Tree" company for a reason. We are proud to be leading the pack of property management companies with a committed plan to making our environment better and safer for everyone. Here are some things we do for our local environment and for the safety of you, our valued customers.

  1. All Westover properties strive to provide a safe and beautiful environment for you, your children and your pets. Through a cyclical chemical-free fertilization program and professional landscape maintenance, we strive to maintain and protect the beauty of our natural surroundings.
  2. All brochures are made from recycled paper.
  3. Westover offers free recycling pickup to all communities where local authorities provide the service.
  4. Appliances are replaced with Energy Star models, which reduces energy consumption by about 20% to 40%.
  5. Regional managers drive fuel efficient cars.
  6. The Westover Companies support such environmental organizations as "Save The Bay", "Ducks Unlimited" and "The Sierra Club".
  7. Westover is testing and implementing systems to greatly reduce all chlorine pool products.
  8. The Westover Companies are currently implementing an aggressive schedule to replace old windows with more energy efficient models & increasing attic insulation. This helps keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer...all while reducing your electric bill.
  9. Westover installs water saving devices, such as Niagara toilets and aerating shower heads and faucets.